A new addition

Inspire_1_DJI_imagesWhile we typically don't focus on the gear we use to create our products, with all the rage over drones recently I figured I would post up some info about us and drones and a new drone that we picked up.

As aerial imaging started becoming popular and more accessible we jumped on board and as soon as we did our work started getting noticed internationally.

I am pretty nimble with the controls and crazy enough to put an expensive item at risk for the sole purpose of getting a good shot. Combine those things with our history in video and proper filming techniques and it was a WIN WIN situation.

We started off with a popular platform called "Phantom" offered by DJI. This platform has tons of positives but also some negatives, so I immediately started looking for something that would fill the gaps and after lots of searching and not finding a perfect solution DJI announced the Inspire 1. We were excited and even watched the press release online but I still had some concerns about the device so I decided to wait it out.

A few months later the production models started hitting the shelves and with every new video that was posted, we analyzed it and my concerns started to dwindle, so we bit the bullet.

With that welcome to our newest piece of production equipment, the Inspire 1.

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