As you search for someone to film your wedding video, we appreciate you considering us!

The wedding videos we produce could be described as a perfect balance of classic and creative. Other videographers forget that their job is to document your wedding day in its entirety. They will instead capture quick clips here and there to create a short 5-10 minute video, and that is all you get. Our focus is the exact opposite! On your wedding day, we will thoroughly and creatively document ALL the events of your wedding. We then use this massive amount of content to assemble a complete, high quality documentation of your event allowing you to relive your wedding day over and over. Having so much to work with also gives us the ability to put together shorter, creative videos like our Trailers and Day After Previews.

As you watch videos on our site, you will immediately see the consistent quality which makes us stand out from everyone else. We also have a level of dedication and availability to each of the couples that we work with that is second to none. Anytime you need us we are happy to help. We don't have assistants, nor do we take on interns; we are the ones you will contact, talk to and work with in securing your date and on your actual wedding day!


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because we make it easy to choose us! With our extensive online showcase of wedding videos, and our easy going personalities you will quickly begin to see why trusting us to film your wedding day is a good decision. Brides, grooms and their families have great things to say about the videos we create for them. A few things we have heard from brides and grooms over the years: "...the best investment we made for our wedding day!" "...we were sitting on our couch crying, laughing..." "...most people didn’t even realize they were there at the wedding!". This positive feedback is ultimately what propels us to work so hard to do our best!



Being centrally located in South Carolina allows us to easily access to all of South Carolina. Because of this, we frequently film weddings in Charleston, Greenville, and Myrtle Beach to list a few. If your wedding is not in Columbia, NOT A PROBLEM! In fact for most areas of South Carolina there are no travel charges and it is just as easy to use us as it is a local wedding videographer. If your wedding is outside of South Carolina, this is also not an issue. Let us know where your wedding is and we will quickly let you know exactly what it would take for us to film your wedding.


Our path to becoming wedding videographers began on our own wedding day, and is certainly not glamorous.

When we got married we had a videographer but unfortunately they could not have cared less about their job. Many years later and after constant hounding, we finally received a wedding video, but it was a single angle from the back of the church, and the audio was almost non-existent. It was a huge waste of money.

A few years later, we were presented with an opportunity to buy some camera equipment. We enjoyed it so much and thought: What better way to make up for our wedding video mistake than to start offering wedding videos like no one knew existed.

This thought not only got us started, but is also our driving force which keeps us doing new and great things even after 13 years of being in business.