Promotional Videos

   With the popularity of internet video and social media platforms, promotional videos have become a necessary part of any successful business. With our unique approach to production of promotional videos you are sure to see extreme success when using our services. So what make us unique?


Quality that stands out:

   Watch many of the videos that come across your social media platforms, most look as if they were filmed by a 10 year old with a mid 80's home camcorder! On the flip side, the audio, video and editing quality that we weave into each promotional video is one aspect that will make your promotional video stand out. Let's face it, if something stands out in the first 5 seconds and the person continues watching then you have won half the battle!


Emotion & Story:

   We love creative imagery and production but when the creativity of the shot shown on screen trumps the story and emotion (of any type) that your viewer is feeling then your goal will not be achieved! One of our KISS policies, keep it simple strategies :-), is to make sure that we always stay focused on creating an emotional bond with the viewer.


Full Service:

   Have no script, shot list or any ideas on how to even get started on your promo but know that you want one. No problem, we can have a quick consultation to glean the info we need to create your video and after that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the results.