Training Videos & Other

Training Videos

Training in any size corporation is always a costly venture, but having professional quality videos made of your training can help spread the cost across the entire organization by providing these benefits:

  1. all employees have access to the same material no matter their location
    or time available to take the training
  2. Since the employee can take the training anytime/anywhere this can reduce additional expenses such as meeting locations, AV equipment rental, food for the special event, etc.
  3. future employees can be setup to have access to this same content

Are training videos boring?

The old school approach to training videos can certainly be boring but our desire is that you be successful with your training program and with that we have creative ways of making training fun and educational which is a benefit to you since your employees will not be sleeping!

Other Business Video Needs

Grand Opening Celebrations:

Publicize your grand opening or new location by letting us create a professional video of the ceremony and then passing it around on social media.


Seminars fall into a similar category of training but are also much different since these are live events that cannot be redone.  With our extensive experience in documenting live, unrepeatable events we can document and edit your seminar in a way that will make it feel like your are there again.

Award Ceremonies:

Document your award ceremonies and get the word out to more than just the attendees.  I know that award ceremonies can be longer than anyone would want to watch but with creative editing techniques we can trim these events down to something that everyone can watch and enjoy.

Live switching and/or live streaming (internet broadcasting) at your location:

We have the capabilities to setup a live switching and/or live streaming broadcast of your event, no matter where it is. Setting up this capability always require much time and planning so if you have this need please contact us as soon as possible.