Aerial Video & Photo



"any unmanned aircraft or ship that is guided remotely"

   The word drone typically makes people think of spying and/or violent actions performed by the military. The word drone is also used to label many of the current aerial filming and photography platforms which unfortunately makes these devices sound scary also. Looking at the pure definition of the word drone though, this label would be accurate. The difference between the typical negative thoughts associated with "drone" and how we incorporate drones into our filming work is complete polar opposites from each other.

We use drones to create stellar images for our clients

   We use drones to create unbelievable images for our clients and have a plethora of aerial filming equipment to facilitate whatever type of shot is necessary based on each clients unique needs. We also have extensive experience flying in normal and difficult environments which gives us the knowledge and boldness to fly in places where others would shy away. In fact, this boldness has garnished our company with international attention from some very big clients.

Aerial video is not our only forte

   Some projects may require 100% aerial footage but most only require the use of aerial shots to enhance the overall production. Since we have an extensive background in video, not just aerial, this not only enhances our aerial skills since we have a developed eye for what looks good in video but also give us the ability to actually create your full production while using only using aerial shots as an enhancement.