About Us


We are James and Marianna Player and we are Absolute Video!
We started filming weddings in 2005 and after some training with some world renowned wedding videographers brought a level of wedding film making to South Carolina  like no one had ever seen before.  We did not stop there though.  With every wedding we filmed we listened to our couples desires and continued perfecting our craft so that each and every couple walked away with a product that they were proud to have.

Thirteen years later and we still are pushing forward to make sure that each couple we work with has the opportunity to have a quality video a cost that will rival pretty much every other wedding videographer.

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comes from our very own experience with our personal wedding video, or lack thereof.

   When we got married, we hired a cheap company to do a video of our wedding.  Unfortunately, after the wedding we did not see anything for 6 years and when we did finally receive our video it was so pathetic that it was not worth having.

   This devastating loss has driven us to work extremely hard for each of the couples we work with and to make sure that they have a video that they will love to watch over and over. Literally with every video we deliver we still (after 13 years of doing this) say to ourselves, "I sure do wish we had something like this".


is that you can "relive" your day through high quality sights and sounds.

   To achieve our goal we (both Marianna and Jamie) film each wedding with multiple cameras and audio sources.  After the wedding, we then combine all of the content we capture with time proven editing techniques in order to create a quality product that many of our couples describe as "the best money spent on the wedding".


is one that allows your wedding day to unfold naturally without us being a distraction at all.

   If your goal is to have a "production" where the videographer literally takes control of the wedding day and directs every little detail, then we are definitely not the right videographers for you.

   We instead rely on our experience and extensive knowledge of weddings to be ready for every special moment that will happen.  Since we (Jamie and Marianna) have worked together for so long, we also are able to capture things from the perfect, multiple perspectives all because we "naturally understand" what each other is capturing at any given time.

   This filming method allows us to stay completely out of the way of YOUR day while documenting it in a way that feels and looks like we were ALL UP IN THE WAY!  🙂


is that we will seek out and find the special moments that make up your wedding day and document those moments in a perfect way so that you can relive them over and over and over again.

   While this dedication ends with a video, it starts even before your wedding day and truly begins right now as you are considering your videographer.  If you ever need anything from us we are always here day and night (contact us).  Need to meet and go over some details?  Let us know!  Need some input on how the day will flow?  Sure, we have seen so much, we can certainly help!

   Long story short we are here to be your videographer but we always try to do so much more than just that and we cant wait to work with you on your special day.